Marketing Strategy Tool

Complete Marketing Strategy In Seconds

Get a clear, concise and optimized marketing plan based on the critical factors of your business, objective, audience and resources. Start focusing on the right marketing tactics.

Provide the software with introductory information about your business, audience, resources and it creates the best data driven marketing strategy for you. 

Tactycs marketing strategy tool input

Multichannel Marketing Strategy In One Location

Seeing your multichannel marketing campaigns in one place allows you to maximize distribution across your target customer segments.

From social media channels to advertising streams and tangible marketing. Understanding and visualizing the entirety of your strategy gives you and your marketing team the clarity and preparation required to succeed.

marketing strategy tool to allocate marketing resources
You Only Have So Many Hours In A Day, Don’t Overload Yourself

Let Data Influence How You Allocate Resources

Save time and money with a marketing plan that considers your available resources from the very start.

Too often, we see many marketers poorly attempting ten different types of activities at the same time. Tactycs will help you start with the marketing channels that have the highest success rate for your business and scale from there. 

Unique Marketing Strategy

"As a company that's been around for 40+ years we needed new direction and insight on what we should do to market our services. Tactycs helps reiterate the areas of strength as well as provide new unique marketing channels that we should spend our resources on."
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Benefits of Marketing Strategy Tool

Stay Within Your Budget & Available Time

Each marketing activity has an average amount of time and money that it takes to create, manage, post, etc. Tactycs aligns these default numbers against your time and budget answers to create a marketing plan within your limits.

Unique Ideas To Engage Customers

We are proud to say that the Tactycs strategy tools creates a unique marketing plan for your business. The software will pull together the best combination of activities from our list of 47 different tactics based on market research and your company.

Visualize The Pieces Together

See all the pieces together, understand the different marketing strategies, and build a multichannel workflow. This combination creates clarity and confidence that your team would be forever chasing without Tactycs. 

Why Do You Need A Data Driven Marketing Strategy?

The Problem

In every company there exists a level of bias. This is especially true in the marketing department. Every employee or stakeholder brings in there own personal bias when it comes to marketing, social media, and content in general. 

Why does this matter to you? Let’s imagine a small business with a single (new) marketing employee. Perhaps the owner of this business isn’t an expert with marketing and decides to trust the new employee on where to go and what to spend money on. This autonomy can be great in certain scenarios but dangerous in others. Not only can this lead to wasted marketing spend but it can also eat up the time of your employees. 

What Tactycs Does

Tactycs takes into account all the key factors of the business, customer data and resources and provides a clear bias free baseline. We also recognize that sometimes there are outliers and certain teams may excel on particular channels. Not to worry, everything is customizable and easily adjusted. 

Let’s assume this company decided to add this software to the employees marketing tools. The prior bias towards a particular social media may be broken based on Tactycs justification. The software may also help the marketing employee realize that they can’t actually do as much as they originally planned. Plus it can automatically gather data and provide recommendations for new market opportunities. 

The Solution

By providing the additional support to your team, the difficult process of creating a marketing strategy can be supplemented by hard audience data. Allowing the team to feel confident about not only the activities in their strategy but also the frequency at which they should execute. 

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts With Tactycs