After realizing that your digital strategy isn’t providing the lead generation it should, a few options exist. Create time for your team to do in-house research & testing, hire a new employee, or go to an agency for help. None of which are sensitive to time & money constraints. Introducing: Tactycs, a new option with no ramp-up time & proven results.

We pride ourselves on offering a valuable tool for a cost that all businesses can afford. We, like many others have experienced the need for improvement, but get stuck between high costs or delayed onboarding time. 

The Tactycs team also offers a full service consulting option, built to the needs of your business. Whether you require full marketing management, foundational assistance, training, or templates and creativity to point you in the right direction, the Tactycs team is your strategic partner. 

Tactycs Software Package

  • Strategy creation for improved lead generation
  • Continuous content calendar for optimal resource distribution
  • KPI driven machine learning to enhance your strategy and reduce cost of acquisition
content marketing strategy step 1

Strategy Setup

A marketing expert will work with you one on one to setup and customize your very own strategy using the Tactycs system. 

content marketing strategy step 2

Tactycs Training

All things efficiency and effectiveness. This 30-minute training session will give you more than enough time to fall in love with our user interface.

content marketing strategy step 3

Planning Session

To get off on the right foot, Tactycs schedules a planning session leading up to the beginning of your new strategy. 

Custom Add-Ons

We are your strategic partner. With the resources and real-time solutions to maximize the investment in your marketing. 

Foundational Setup

  • Content & Design Templates
  • Setup Automation
  • Integrations
  • Database Creation, Templates, or Customization

Strategic Partner

  • Content Creation
  • Extension of team
  • Custom Campaign Management
  • Multiple Tactycs deployments

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