Actionable Insights

Create a Cycle of Continuous Learning

Stop pouring over data in the hopes of understanding what to do next. Save time, gain clarity, and get actionable insights based on the performance of your marketing analytics from Tactycs.

Save Time and Get Actionable Insights From Data

No need to pour over the data from your content. Tactycs will begin to learn from your performance and provide actionable insights. Creating a strategy and continuously pushing for growth.

Example: One social media is hitting your desired objective significantly better then the second. The software recommends we adjust the frequency and resource allocation to favour the social media of strength

Tactycs funneling into marketing analytics

Integrates With The Major Social Media Platforms

Tactycs will save you time by automatically gathering the key performance indicators from your social media posts.

Continuous Learning

"I think I can speak for a lot of marketers when I say it's easy to struggle through the endless list of key performance indicators. Tactycs takes the monotonous learning process away and gives me the key pieces I need to know to grow."
Brian Pho - Campbell Morden
Partner & Technical Recruiter

How Tactycs Provides Insights:

Industry Benchmarks

Tactycs utilizes industry benchmarks to measure the success of your marketing

Avenue Scoring

All your marketing avenues are scored and measured against each other according to your objective

Trend Analysis

Tactycs will make recommendations based on the upward or downward trend of your marketing

Start Learning From Your Marketing Analytics With Tactycs