Our Story

Tactycs journey to conception begins with our two co-founders: Kyle & Zack. Kyle, working as a senior software engineer and Zack as a digital marketing and inbound strategist. Zack was working with a company that was experiencing difficulties in finding and engaging their audience. He was tasked with finding a solution. Yet, he was already overwhelmed with tasks and needed help in achieving success. A few options were considered; new hire, agency assistance, or removing current tasks to create in-house time to conduct research & testing. 

The decision to contract an employee was selected. But after a long period of onboarding time, the digital marketing strategy solution wasn’t found. That led to the hire of an external agency; a decision that ultimately reduced the company’s resources and capability to spend their marketing budget on actual advertising. At this stage Zack reached out to Kyle and shared his frustration with the lack of options. 

Eventually, as Kyle pondered the scenario and continued to hear about the pain point, he reached out to the Zack and said, “I’ve got a new solution for the problem: I’m going to replace your job.” 

Our Team

Four Pillars Of Success

Avoid Bias

Removing the human bias in the content marketing strategy


Constantly and consistently adapting, learning, and improving

Efficient & Effective Staff

Creating an environment for organizations to thrive and grow, allowing employees to focus on the crucial components of a marketing strategy

Data Accuracy

Ensuring that accurate, up-to-date data is always maintained and used in the crucial decision-making process

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