Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 24th, 2023

Tactycs.io (“Tactycs”, “We”, or “Our”) is committed to protecting all user data and complies with all applicable data protection laws. The following privacy policy outlines how Tactycs collects, uses, and safeguards your information. Furthermore, who has access to said information and how you can contact Tactycs in regards to it. 

  1. What Information We Collect About You
  2. How We Use Information We Collect
  3. Who Has Access To Your Information
  4. How Do We Safeguard Your Information
  5. Changes To This Privacy Policy
  6. How To Contact Us In Regards To Our Privacy Policy

What Information We Collect About You

Our Services:

We collect the following information through the use of our services:

Account Creation

Your account information including your name, email address, organization, and address. Your account preferences are also collected, such as the types of communication you would like to receive from us. The services you have acquired from us are collected as well. Including the type of plan you purchased, number of organization(s) or services use(s), and transaction information related to the service. 

Service Data

Your organization strategy questions entry will be collected and stored for the service to function. Additionally, the strategy(s) and content calendar(s) will be collected. Finally, the key performance indicator or marketing activity data that the user enters on a per event basis will also be collected.

Integration Data

If you choose to connect your account with an external site or service, we may store your credentials, authorization tokens, or other information required to authenticate and authorize access to the external site or service.

We store this information securely, using appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of the information. We use this information only to provide you with the services and features enabled by the connection with the external site or service, and we do not share or disclose this information with third parties except as required by law.

Support Data

Usage data, which may include your IP address, the web page that you visited before using the services, device information, data and time, unique identifiers, and cookies. Further usage data of users such as amount of logins, frequency of such, and the activities done during said logins. Customer feedback, issues, and general feedback that you, the user chooses to provide is also collected. 

Browsing Our Website:

When you, the user browses the Tactycs website, we collect the below information about you:

  • Tactycs and/or any authorized service providers utilize cookies along with other tracking technologies on our website and services 
  • General website usage data including user mouse movements, form completion and time associated, engagement rate, video plays, and return visits or actions

How We Use Information We Collect

Tactycs uses your information in the ways detailed below:


We use your account information when appropriate to send important information about our website, services, marketing, and events. Tactycs also uses email statistics from said communications such as open rates and click-through rates, to ensure that the communication is effective and useful to you, the user. 

Website improvements: 

Tactycs uses information about you and the way you act on the website and services to improve usability and security. Furthermore, assessing usage patterns allows Tactycs to diagnose problems and make the necessary fixes.

Providing High Quality and Safe Services:

  • Tactycs uses account information if we need to identify and authenticate a user, for example if an account change is requested 
  • Tactycs uses the account information you provide to set up accounts, process any payments, manage your account as necessary and/or contact you regarding the Tactycs services
  • Tactycs uses your contact information and preferences to respond to any requests, required management of contracts, or to send you required updates for the Tactycs services
  • Tactycs uses usage data such as a IP address and locations to allow us to manage the performance and security of the Tactycs services
  • Tactycs uses key performance indicator data to allow improvements to the Tactycs services
  • Tactycs uses user generated strategy data and content calendar (event) data to improve the services provided
  • Tactycs analyzes any user feedback, customer support, or marketing feedback to make improvements to the Tactycs services

Who Has Access To Your Information

Tactycs restricts access to your information to authorized employees. We do not rent or sell your information. Tactycs does not share your information with third-parties except in the following circumstances: 


Tactycs employees and/or authorized may require access to this information in order to perform thier responsibilities. As an example, a customer support employee may need to access your account information in order to respond to your question. All Tactycs employees and contractors are required to agree to maintaining the confidentiality of your information, protecting the privacy of your information. 

Successor Entities:

If Tactycs is acquired or merged with another organization, then said organization will be obligated to continue following the guidelines set out by this privacy policy. In the scenario that the ownership changes due to said acquisition, bankruptcy, or asset ownership movement then information about you will be transferred to such entities.  

Customer Organizations:

If an employer or an entity has purchased the Tactycs services on your behalf. Information such as; account name and email address may be shared. Along with some pieces of support data such as log times and frequency. 

How Do We Safeguard Your Information

Tactycs maintains a strict data privacy policy. We ensure that all industry standards are met in order to safeguard your information. All employees receive the appropriate privacy training and guidance to ensure that all your information is kept safe. Furthermore, employees are obligated to agree to maintain privacy standards with Tactycs. Tactycs encrypts data where applicable to enhance security. Any third parties go through a thorough privacy and security review before any data is shared. Tactycs has also placed various access controls depending on the type of information. Certain access is given to employees that need that specific information to perform their job. Any individual that is permitted to access your information must follow the Tactys confidentiality requirements.  

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Tactycs reserves all rights to change this privacy policy at any time in order to reflect updates to our services, applicable laws, or any other pertinent factor. Tactycs will provide the required notice on the website and/or our service if any change is made. But, Tactycs encourages you to stay aware of any changes by reviewing this policy periodically. 


How To Contact Us In Regards To Our Privacy Policy

In order to voice any questions, concerts, or feedback, please email [email protected] and our legal team will review your request promptly. If you wish to send a letter, please send it here:

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