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Marketing Plan

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This Free Marketing Plan Template Includes:

Our free marketing plan process takes you through a simple question and answer process. At the end of which you will have a simplified yet concise plan to follow through on your objectives. You will also receive a full calendar that you can follow to execute on said marketing plan.

  • Core Products

    Are you selling a product, service, or both? What is the price of your product and what is the competitive advantage?

  • Marketing Objective

    What are the primary & secondary objectives of your organizations marketing team? What metrics will you use to track its progress?

  • Resources

    How large is your time? How much time can they spend on marketing? Do you have an ad and/or media budget?

  • Target Market

    Who is your golden customer? Do you have more then one segment? What industry are they in? What interests do they have? What are there demographics?

  • Marketing Channels

    Which social media platforms does your audience frequent? Which advertising channels will provide the best opportunity?

  • Strategy

    Social - [Primary Goal] for [Segment 1 or 2 of Target Market]

  • Supporting Technology

    Do I need a customer relationship management tool? Will I be doing any email automation? What about social media management software?

  • Calendar

    How often should I post on social media? How long should I run ads for? How much of my time and money should go towards this audience?

Exactly What Your Marketing Plan Could Look Like

Creating a marketing plan with Tactycs is as easy as answering a few questions. 

Even if you already have a plan, why not see how you stack up against the data?

What's Included With Tactycs: Core Features

Platform Recommendations

See which platforms makes the most sense for your organization, objective, and audience

Resource Distribution

Get a fully created calendar that includes exactly when and how often you should post on each platform

Multi-Use Content

Save time by creating a single social post and applying it across all your platforms

Review Management

Select roles and utilize an optional review process for all your content

Scheduling & Publishing

Schedule & publish all your content in one cohesive location

Content Preview

See exactly what each post will look like on each platform


Get specific direction on what needs to change as results pour in

Trend Analysis

Monitor performance so you know what to create more of

Quarterly Reports

Clear, concise, and impactful reports for your entire team to enjoy

Unique Marketing Strategy

"As a company that's been around for 40+ years we needed new direction and insight on what we should do to market our services. Tactycs helps reiterate the areas of strength as well as provide new unique marketing channels that we should spend our resources on."
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