do scheduled posts on major social media platforms get less engagement

Do Scheduled Posts Get Less Engagement?

There’s a common myth that scheduled posts affect your engagement or reach, but that’s not really the case. In fact, scheduling posts is a pretty smart move if you’re a social media manager trying to make sure your content hits the internet at just the right time. It’s all about staying organized and making sure your followers see your posts when they are most likely to be online. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that algorithms are different for each platform and are always changing. In this article, we’ll go through each major social media platform to determine whether scheduling posts can affect your post performance. 

Benefits Of Scheduling Your Social Media

  • Optimal Timing: By scheduling your posts, you can make sure they pop up exactly when your audience is scrolling through their feeds.
  • Efficiency: It’s a real time-saver. Once your posts are scheduled, you can focus on other tasks, knowing your social media plan is on track.
  • Streamlined Planning: Many scheduling tools let you handle posts for different platforms all in one spot, which really helps keep things simple.
  • Consistency: Consistent posting is actually favored by many social media algorithms. It keeps your feed active and can help increase your posts’ visibility.

Basically, how engaging your post is depends more on what you’re posting and when you’re posting it rather than how you’re posting it. 

Stick around as we dive into how scheduling impacts engagement across popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter. Plus, we’ll uncover some common reasons why your engagement might be lower than expected and how to fix it. Ready to get your social media strategy on track? Let’s dive in!

there's a myth that social media like twitter and facebook allow less engagement for scheduled posts

Does Scheduling Instagram Posts Affect Engagement?

Instagram shows no bias against scheduled posts. Whether you streamline posting through the app or use external schedulers, these tools are neutral in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm. However, keep in mind the platform’s limitations on advance scheduling.

Does Scheduling Facebook Posts Affect Engagement?

Like Instagram, Facebook does not differentiate between scheduled and manually posted content. Operating under Meta, both platforms share similar algorithmic behaviors concerning scheduled posts. Facebook’s native scheduling features ensure that visibility remains unaffected, encouraging the use of these tools.

Does Scheduling LinkedIn Posts Affect Engagement?

LinkedIn’s algorithm treats scheduled posts just like any manually uploaded content. There is no disadvantage to using LinkedIn’s own scheduling tool or any third-party software in terms of how your posts are perceived by the platform.

Does Scheduling TikTok Posts Affect Engagement?

While some users report differing performance with scheduled TikTok videos, these observations are anecdotal. No evidence suggests that scheduled posts perform any worse on the platform, and many continue to utilize scheduling to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Does Scheduling Tweets Affect Engagement?

Twitter/X treats scheduled tweets similarly to those posted manually. The key to engagement lies not in the method of posting but in content relevance, timing, and frequency.

do scheduled posts get less engagement on instagram app

Why Is My Engagement Low?

If you’re still struggling with engagement, here are common causes for low engagement and poor social media performance in general. 

  • Incorrect Timing: Make sure you’re posting when your audience is likely to be online. Consider what times your target audience would be on social media. If your target audience is likely to work full time, it’s a good idea to schedule posts during breaks in the work day (ex. 12pm, 6pm.etc). Social media platforms also have specific times and days that activity is highest. In general, people are less likely to be on social media during the weekend. It’s best to avoid posting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Wrong Platforms: Certain audiences have a preference for some social media platforms over others. Be strategic about what social media platforms you post on. If you are an employment agency, where do you think you’re most likely to find job seekers and employers? Every social platform has a specific appeal to it, like Linkedin being the spot for job-related content, so take advantage of it!
  • Posting Frequency: Finding the sweet spot for how often to post can make a big difference. Not too much, not too little. What most platforms do have in common is that if you aren’t posting consistently, that’s a sign to the algorithm that your account isn’t active or relevant, making it less likely to circulate your content. If you’re posting too often, the algorithm might flag your account as spam, which has more serious ramifications than just reduced post performance.
  • Community Engagement: Getting involved in community spaces can do wonders. Participate genuinely and share your content where it’s relevant. Several platforms have community features that make it easier to target your posts to your specific audience. Examples include Facebook groups and the Twitter/X community tab. You can also repost your content on community-centric spaces such as Reddit or online forums. Keep in mind that these community spaces tend to not allow direct advertising, so ensure that you follow the community guidelines and engage in the community organically. 
  • Engaging Content: Lastly, focus on creating content that speaks directly to your audience’s interests and needs. Make it engaging, useful, and fun! Try not to use gimmick-y or common content ideas, make sure you’re bringing something unique to the table. Call-to-actions can also encourage your audience to engage with you more. 
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Tactycs Social Scheduler

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And there you have it! Despite common misconceptions, scheduling posts doesn’t negatively impact engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Twitter. The real keys to boosting engagement are strategic timing, consistent posting, and content quality. Utilizing scheduling tools allows for efficiency and better planning, helping maintain a regular presence that algorithms favor and audiences appreciate. Always adapt to changing algorithms and audience preferences, and remember: engagement also depends on choosing the right platforms, actively participating in communities, and creating compelling content. By focusing on these elements, you’re set for success in the dynamic world of social media.