Don't Divide Your Marketing Efforts

Your social media publishing tool should co-exist and benefit from the other areas of your marketing. Blogs influence your posting, advertising and promotions influence your content, and your email strategy should align with the same messaging. Marketing is connected - your tools should be too
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We Know Switching Marketing Tools Is Annoying...
Here's Why You Should Consider It

We know that the most important question is “Why switch to Tactycs?”

The answer is actually rather simple. Cohesion. Organizations constantly separate their marketing efforts. With a social media tool, an email tool, an ad tool, an SEO tool… This list goes on and on. You need simplified, realistic, and proven strategies to get results.

If you’re still not sure about the value of bringing your marketing plan into one cohesive roadmap we’ve decided to provide a swipe drive of high value templates and resources when you start your free trial, including: 

  • Buyer Persona Template
  • 100 Social Media Ideas
  • The Blog Workflow + 25 Blog Ideas
  • 20 Facebook Ad Examples + 5 Step Ad Approach
  • SEO Friendly Blog Post Checklist

No Nonsense Marketing Tool That You'll Actually Benefit From

Complete Marketing Plan

Data defines your marketing plan based on your business, objective, audience, and resources

Optimized Distribution of Time & Money

Get an automation, ongoing, and optimized marketing calendar at the click of a button

Proactive Planning & Scheduling

Create, Review, Schedule, and automatic your social media process

Insights Without Staring At Data

Get automatic & actionable insights based on the performance of your marketing

Real People.
Real Results.

"Tactycs keeps me honest and on track. Running my own business, there are infinite things to worry about. The Tactycs marketing calendar keeps me grounded and gives me something I can rely on"
Brian Pho
"As a new business owner, without digital marketing experience, partnering with Tactycs has been an essential part of my success. Zack, and the team at Tactycs, showed up for me right when I needed them most and have guided me step-by-step along the way."
Nicole Carter
Principal, Owner

We're Not Hiding Anything: Here's Exactly What You Can Expect To See...

Creating a marketing plan with Tactycs is as easy as answering a few questions. 

Even if you already have a marketing plan, why not see how you stack up against what the data thinks?

What's Included: Core Features

Platform Recommendations

See which platforms makes the most sense for your organization, objective, and audience

Resource Distribution

Get a fully created calendar that includes exactly when and how often you should post on each platform

Multi-Use Content

Save time by creating a single social post and applying it across all your platforms

Review Management

Select roles and utilize an optional review process for all your content

Scheduling & Publishing

Schedule & publish all your content in one cohesive location

Content Preview

See exactly what each post will look like on each platform


Get specific direction on what needs to change as results pour in

Trend Analysis

Monitor performance so you know what to create more of

Quarterly Reports

Clear, concise, and impactful reports for your entire team to enjoy

Pricing That Fits Your Business

Early Access Tactycs

$29/month lifetime price
Get access to all current and future modules

Tactycs Baseline

  • Marketing plan creation
  • 47 marketing activities
  • Resource allocation
  • 3-Month automated calendar 
  • Unlimited users
  • Social integrations
  • Automatic data collection
  • Marketing insights 

Social Publishing

  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Content repository
  • Schedule content across all platforms at once
  • Review management
  • Optimal days & times built into calendar
  • Publish, schedule, draft, and queue posts

Advertising Automation

  • Ad platform recommendation
  • Ad draft creation
  • Ad copy & design templates
  • Integration with Google & Facebook 
  • Automated monitoring of ad performance
  • “Ad Bootcamp”

Blog Workflow

  • Keyword research
  • Magnetic titles
  • Blog repository
  • On-Page SEO
  • Tracking & performance
  • Blog to social post(s) automation
  • Schedule WordPress posts
  • Jasper AI partnership 

Email Module

  • Customer relationship management capabilities 
  • Customer segmentation & strategy
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Email & sequence templates
  • Email automation 
  • Email creation & design
  • Reporting & tracking

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