How It Works

Tactycs is a marketing strategy tool that acts as your data driven marketing director. Generating a marketing strategy based on five vital pieces of information; target audience, organizational information, company objective, and available resources such as time and budget. Tactycs then provides key features to help your team stay on track, with an automated marketing calendar and continuous improvement via machine learning on the key performance indicators of each marketing activity.

content marketing strategy tactycs how it works

The Tactycs Process

Step #1:

Information Gathering

Get company objective & information, target audience data, & resource breakdown (available hours & budget)

Step #2:

Generate Strategy

Generate a digital strategy based on where the audience is and company capabilities

Step #3:


Provide optional strategies with the ability to add additional preferences or customizations

Step #4:

Generate Marketing Calendar

Develop a continuous content calendar based on strategy, resources, and preferences

Step #5:

Machine Learning

Learn from key performance indicators of each marketing activity in order to make ongoing recommendations and improvements to the overall strategy

Marketing Strategy Workflow

See Tactycs in Action

Tactycs Automation of The 10 Step Marketing Strategy

The typical content marketing strategy process can be broken into ten steps. Tactycs replaces eight of said ten steps while providing additional support outside of the ‘common’ methodology. Shown below is a direct comparison of the process and how Tactycs implements data-driven practices.

Manual Process


content marketing strategy step 1

Set Content Marketing Objective

Discuss and document your overall marketing objective. Remember to have a consistent objective through each selected marketing activity.

Allow Tactycs to highlight which area of the marketing funnel is correlated to each objective. After selecting your objective watch the data influence marketing activities that will specifically assist you in achieving said objective.

content marketing strategy step 2

Establish Key Performance Indicators

Select which key performance indicators you believe are relevant to your objective. Be sure to understand the specifics of how key performance indicators change within each marketing activity.

Let Tactycs not only help you establish which key performance indicators are important automatically but also track KPIs in one location. Tactycs will make ongoing recommendations based on marketing performance. Ultimately taking objective selection and KPI data and turning it into actionable items.

content marketing strategy step 3

Know Your Target Audience

Closely analyze or monitor past experience and business success to understand your target market

Follow Tactycs Pre-Strategy recommendations to increase understanding of your true target market. You will be walked through the critical target audience questions.

content marketing strategy step 4

Assess Current Content Marketing Position

Conduct an audit of all your content and assess its strength and success. Access any analytics you have to justify which pieces of content have provided the best outcomes for your company.

Tactycs doesn’t have the ability to assess your content. But, it does provide insight as to how you can reuse your content.


content marketing strategy step 5

Identify The Best Content Channels

Select the best distribution channels for your content. Choosing from a wide array of social medias, digital marketing, or traditional activities. Don’t forget to consider your capabilities, objective, and content during the process. 

Tactycs uses your company info, objective, target market, budget, and time resource to automatically identify the best channels to not only reach your customers but also fit with your company and goals.

content marketing strategy step 6

Select Content Types

Select the content types that fit with your content channels, marketing team, and organizational brand

Tactycs recommends the content channel and provides the content types that fit within each. Additionally, Tactycs provides content ideas and basic instructions for each channel. Finally, the system allows for you to customize your strategy. If you don’t want to produce video content because of a lack of equipment, then it can be removed.

content marketing strategy step 7

Identify and Allocate Resources

With the above understanding, now you need to divvy up your resources to each content piece and channel. Be sure to be aware of all resource requirements before allocating.

Tacytcs builds in your company’s resource capabilities from step one; strategy generation. Allowing the system to distribute time and budget resources to the content channels that provide the most value and ensuring your team can confidently accomplish all recommended marketing activities. 

content marketing strategy step 8

Create A Content Calendar

Create a content calendar to plan out each piece of content and distribution.

Tactycs provides an automated, on-going content calendar with even distribution and the information you need to successfully get the content out on time. Our calendar system has a built in preference capabilities, so you and your team can adjust the marketing calendar to fit your needs.

content marketing strategy step 9

Create Content

Create your content!

Unfortunately, Tactycs can’t automate the creation of your content. This is the one major area we can’t replace. But, we provide education, inspiration, and examples to help you along the way.

content marketing strategy step 10

Distribute & Measure

The final stage, it’s time to follow that content calendar, distribute the content and watch each platform for those specific key performance indicators that you picked out for each channel way back at the beginning. Find a technique to understand and manipulate the data by hand to make future marketing decisions.

Tactycs provides pre-strategy recommendations to improve foundational setup. The system also provides recommendations that create long-term benefits such as email opt-in lists.

As mentioned in step two, we already know which key performance indicators are important to each channel and marketing objective. Creating a system that not only requests and collects this streamlined info, but a tool that learns from the data and makes recommendations based on your success or failure. This is a step that is often the most time consuming or difficult to complete in-house. Understanding data versus receiving implications from data is a major challenge and Tactycs removes the constraint entirely. 

"Tactycs software covered over 75% of the content marketing strategist position that we were looking to fill, at 10% of the cost."
Eleanor Platt
Chief Barketing Officer