20+ Free Branding Templates To Kick Off Your Social Efforts

Build out your recurring social media posts with these amazing and free branding templates. Covering everything from testimonials to hiring posts. Customize each to your business in seconds!

Free Branding Templates For Social Media

Download Your Free Branding Templates

We’ve created a robust portfolio that includes some of the most common types of social media posts. Things like testimonials, FAQ’s, Hiring posts, quotes, quick facts or stats, and more. Each of these includes multiple visual versions for you to create a fresh look on your social platforms. Download the free branding templates and customize the colour scheme, logo and vocabulary to match your business in seconds!

branding template for testimonials
branding template for FAQ
Branding template for hiring post

Customize The Branding Templates To Your Business

Although these are templates, the variations and ability to add in your organizations colour scheme make it extremely custom to your business. Downloading this resource will open up a Canva link where you can edit things within seconds! Simply pick your favourite version of the social post, make some small edits, and you’re off to the races.

20 Free Branding Templates For Social Media

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Creating A Cohesive & Repeatable Social Media Strategy

Coming up with enough social media content to fill out an entire calendar month is often easier said then done. 

We know it isn’t easy and have created an additional resources that outlines over 100 social media ideas. Most of which have the same repeatable nature as the posts included in the free branding template above.

  1. Identify the proactive & repeatable content that your audience would engage with
  2. Create the content in bulk and schedule it into a system (Tactycs)
  3. Focus on the reactive / unique content as it arises
Tactycs automates the first and second step by allowing you to bring over your persona into the software. You enter the audience information and the software provides a strategy and ongoing calendar.

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