The Most Succinct Social Media Content Calendar To Stay Organized (Free Template)

Planning has never been so critical. If you want to stay organized, efficient, and effective as a content creator then utilizing a content calendar is a necessity!

Download Your 2024 Social Media Content Calendar Template

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Download Your Free Customizable Social Media Content Calendar Template + Bonus Resources

We have created an extremely clear and concise social media content calendar template for your convenience. The excel spreadsheet has been created with the intention of saving you time. Get a beautiful overview of the content you need to put out this month along with a content repository and individual platform sheets to plan out each post. Allowing you to handle everything related to content in one file and for free!

free social media content calendar template

Build In Your Own Content & Advertising

free customizable social media content calendar template

Build in the following items into your free social media content calendar template:

  • Content Repository: A location to house all of your content 
  • Advertising Plans/Material: Layout your social media advertising plan and campaigns
  • Social Media Posts: With in-depth pages for each social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube) you can load in your content, date, time, links, images, videos, etc. 
  • Plan your marketing funnel: Add elements such as ‘Email Marketing Blasts’ with the related advertising funnels and content to nurture leads towards the decision phase. 

Getting Tired Of Updating Your Calendar Every Month?

Why a Content Calendar?

Here at Tactycs we believe in the method of “Measuring twice and cutting once”. Planning out your content distribution is an essential step in keeping your team organized, saving resources, and keeping your audience purchasing. 

Chances are you’ve landed here because you:

  • Are overwhelmed with the 100’s of other tasks you need to keep track of
  • Are trying to get ahead of the daunting planning process
  • Have a boss who wants more structure in the marketing content
  • Are falling behind in keeping your audience engaged and happy on your selected marketing platforms
Regardless of your driving factor, a content calendar will keep your team focused on creating content and ensure all stakeholders are getting what they need!
We’ve created a sleek and easy to follow content calendar template for you. Build in the marketing activities your team is pursuing and select the frequency that fits your available resources.

How Can You Automate The Creation Of Your Content Calendar?

The full Tactycs system handles the entire planning portion of your marketing strategy. From the marketing platforms you should be using, to an ongoing content calendar that recommends a frequency of distribution based on your company resources, to a final machine learning concept that makes improvements to your strategy based on key performance indicators. 

The system was designed to help marketers that were overburdened. With efficiency and accuracy in mind, you can trust the system to create an optimal plan for you and your business. Still not sure? Check out this quick demo to watch it in action:


Get a content calendar that updates automatically every month according to your marketing strategy: