Case Study: Campbell Morden

Adjusting To The Environment: Transitioning To Online Lead Generation

About Campbell Morden

Campbell Morden is your reliable staffing agency. They have the experience, confidentiality, and understanding to fit candidates to specifications, ensuring long term retention and success. They been operating in Canada for 20+ years which has enabled them to have the talent network to handle just about any recruitment job.



Company Size

2 Employees



The Challenge

The objective of the Campbell Morden team was to transition from a purely referral based sales process to an online presence that was capable of generating and nurturing leads with their limited resources in mind. The Campbell Morden team also had limited experience in creating and maintaining a marketing strategy.

Solution That Tactycs Brought

Tactycs immediately identified that the Campbell Morden team needed a sufficient amount of outbound marketing to support the business now, while building up the long term inbound funnel for the future.

Based on the need to increase outbound marketing and build long term inbound Campbell Morden’s main goal was to increase awareness of the brand by increasing website traffic. As such, this objective was selected during the strategy creation process. Furthermore, using Google Analytics and other social media demographic data Campbell Morden and the Tactycs team identified that the ideal target audience would be 35 year olds with an equal ratio of males and females. 

A combination of the Tactycs software and consulting services was applied to best achieve the marketing goals.

Setting Up The Tactycs Software

The Tactycs software takes you through an easy setup process that provides a marketing strategy and calendar to follow for the best possible results. Check out the demo to see the setup process here

Strategy Creation

1. What is the objective of your marketing?
2. How much time and money do you have? 
3. What are the age and gender breakdowns of your target audience? 
4. What industry am I in and am I targeting business or consumers?

Deliverable: Actionable strategy that was aligned with Campbell Morden’s specific information

Marketing Calendar

1. What is the process of creating content in your business?
2. What is the frequency that is recommended?
3. What areas of distribution can we automate?

Deliverable: Fully automated marketing calendar to identify exactly when and how often we should distribute marketing material

Actionable Insights

1. Are you using any platforms that can be integrated?
2. What was marketing performance prior to using Tactycs?
3. Are you using Google Analytics and Search Console to measure success?

Deliverable: Automated data gathering on each marketing activity as well as actionable insights gained from positive or negative performance 

Recommended Strategy

The strategy recommended by Tactycs was foundational in nature. With data backing the strength of replacements to said P2P activities, the activities that were focused on were:

LinkedIn Post & InMail

Email Marketing

RSS Feeds

Each activity was set up with automation and time constraints in mind. These activities support the immediate outbound efforts of Campbell Morden. 

"Tactycs keeps me honest and on track. Running my own business, there are infinite things to worry about. The Tactycs marketing tool keeps me grounded and gives me something I can rely on"
Brian Pho - Campbell Morden
Partner & Technical Recruiter

Simplified Project Start

From the beginning Tactycs made sure the process was as simple as possible for the Campbell Morden team. The team at Tactycs started off by going through the foundational set up. This included making sure the business had Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and other basic services set up and running.

Candidate Funnel

Bringing these marketing activities together, Campbell Morden was able to become self-sufficient in bringing in candidate outbound leads and no longer relied on referral sales. The SEO activities and LinkedIn posts worked together to bring an increase in traffic. The increase in traffic increased Campbell Morden’s applicant pool. The bigger applicant pool allowed for more consistent email marketing campaigns which in turn further helped website traffic. 

Employer Funnel

On the other hand, the InMail and advertisements achieved in bringing in employer outbound leads to the website while also increasing Campbell Morden’s network. Blog posts aided in the strategy of multi-purpose content by creating email marketing and social material which in turn increases website conversions. Finally, RSS feeds helped increase the list of leads with a direct pain point correlation to Campbell Mordens services. 

All these activities worked in conjunction to reach the main goal; to develop a sufficient amount of outbound marketing to support the business now, while building up the long term inbound funnel for the future.

The Results

With new direction and support the company saw upwards of twice as many new leads and a significantly reduced cost of acquisition



Landing Page Traffic 


Web Traffic

Email Marketing


Email List


Open Rate









Acquisition Traffic

Ready To See Results?







Reply Rate



Closed Deals




 Cost of Acquisition



What's Next

With increased momentum for Campbell Morden the natural next step was to begin creating efficiency and automation into their marketing efforts. Still keeping in mind the limited resources, applying items such as email sequencing, automated LinkedIn messaging, and other hands free activities allows Campbell Morden to keep their funnel full while they focus on business execution. 

By breaking down the marketing activities into manageable terms and having consistent support throughout the entire process the Campbell Morden team is now comfortable and confident with their marketing strategy and has a consistent flow of leads. Tactcys was able to simplify marketing for measurable sales results. 

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