The Perfect SEO Blog Post Checklist

Want to create an optimized blog post? Download the perfect SEO blog post checklist. This downloadable checklist will help you with ideation, content, design, SEO implementation, tracking, and improvements. Hope this simple, effective, and free download helps!

the perfect seo blog post checklist

Download The Perfect SEO Blog Post Checklist for Free

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No worries! Creating a successful blog process is a critical step in getting more users to your website. This checklist has been created to support the “3 Step Guide On How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts”. If you want additional detail or instruction on the checklist visit us at https://tactycs.io/how-to-write-seo-friendly-blog-posts/.

  • 1.1 Blog Ideation
    • 1.2 Create Topic Ideas
    • 1. 3 Data Validation
      • 1.3.1 Autofill Check
      • 1.3.2 Autofill Competition
      • 1.3.3 Search Data; Adwords Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Research
    • 1.4 Magnetic Title
  • 2.1 Content & Design
    • 2.2 Valuable Content 
    • 2.3 Competitor Comparison
    • 2.4 Skimmable Content
    • 2.5 Design Standards
    • 2.6 Call-To-Action
  • 3.1 SEO Implementation
    • 3.2 SEO Tool
    • 3.3 Focus Keyphrase
    • 3.4 SEO Title
    • 3.5 Meta Description
    • 3.6 Image Alt-Tags
    • 3.7 Keyword Density
    • 3.8 Permalink
    • 3.9 Headings
    • 3.10 Link Development
    • 3.11 Post Attributes
  • 4.1 Tracking & Improving
    • 4.2 Page Source Check
    • 4.3 Search Console Indexation
    • 4.4 Conversion Tracking 
    • 4.5 Analytics; Landing page traffic, page retention, etc.

Details And Additional Instructions


1.2 – Consider what your customers ask you frequently 

1.3.1 – Open an incognito browser and begin entering your keyphrase, does it auto-populate? Is there a variation that populates instead?

1.3.2 – Does your competition show up when you enter the keyphrase? Can you outrank the competitors if so? 

1.3.3 – Use the tool that matches your keyphrase (1-3 words; Adwords keyword planner, 3+ Moz keyword research)

Content & Design

2.2 – The highest priority is that you create something of value for your readers, nothing else works without this

2.3 – Compare your content to competitors and be sure the value is higher than a comparable 

2.4 – Almost every reader will skim the content, utilize headings and imagery to get your point across and garner interest in reading the specifics

SEO Implementation

3.1 – The focus keyphrase should have been decided in steps 1.2-1.4

3.4 – Hover over a tab in a browser to get a sneak peak at what an SEO Title looks like

3.6 – Upload your images with file names that match your keyphrase then add alt tags to the media

3.8 – Ensure your page title, permalink, and focus keyphrase are identified early to save yourself headache in the future

3.11 – Add in categories, tags, excerpts, etc. to add value and ease of navigation

Tracking and Improving

4.2 – Check the page source (right click page > Page Source) of your blog posts to see the SEO identifiers in action

4.3 – If Google Search Console isn’t set up on your site, do it right now. Utilizing this tool to ensure proper indexation of your blog posts is a must!

4.4 – A combination of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager should allow you to track specific conversions on each blog posts

Utilizing Blogs For Your Inbound Funnel

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