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Build out your marketing, sales, or customer service persona(s). Free buyer persona template and guidebook to customize to your business

Free Buyer Persona Template + Guide

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a research-based depiction that identifies your target customer. This research can include demographics, personality traits, behaviours, needs, interests, challenges, decision-making process, and more. All of which are outlined to help you target and align with your ‘golden customer.’

Effective buyer personas are created from your actual customer data (surveys, 1-on-1’s, Analytics) as well as industry/market research. If done correctly, a persona will help you align content, messaging, platforms, and your overarching value proposition. Consider creating multiple buyer personas if you have more than one customer segment.


Build Your Own Buyer Persona

The why behind creating buyer personas is clear; now it’s time for the how. From an overarching perspective, a buyer persona is simply the person you think about when you create content. There are plenty of ways to create your buyer persona. This package includes a set of Google slides with various persona templates. You can use the baseline and ask yourself the right questions to fully customize your very own buyer persona.
Free Buyer Persona Template
Easy Buyer Persona Template
Create a detailed buyer persona for your business

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Building a Buyer Persona Into Your Marketing Strategy

Creating a buyer persona is about more then just being able to visualize your target customer. Below is a quick introduction into the process that Tactycs helps with for a marketing roadmap. 

  1. Create segmented and prioritized persona(s)
  2. Identify (or audit) the best platforms to reach said audience
  3. Develop a repeatable and valuable content strategy to resonate with buyer persona target 
Tactycs automates the second and third step by allowing you to bring over your persona into the software. You enter the audience information and the software provides a strategy, ongoing calendar, and data insights

7 Ways To Use Buyer Personas For Marketing

It’s important to distinguish “marketing personas” as there are also sales and customer service personas that can be created. A marketing persona is exactly what it sounds like: who is the marketing qualified lead that you are targeting with all organic and paid efforts. Below are just a few ways to use and/or benefit from a buyer persona template:

  • Identify and prioritize the best platforms to reach and engage your audience
  • Build effective content marketing strategies
  • Segment your customers for email distribution, advertising, and social messaging
  • Create triggers based on your personas; challenges and actions
  • Align messaging to persona values and increase brand awareness
  • Personalize your marketing automation efforts
  • Refine keyword strategy based on persona search history 

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