20 Facebook Ads Examples + Facebook Ad Decision Matrix + Editable Facebook Templates

20 Facebook ad examples that actually work and a roadmap to build, test, and improve Facebook ads for your business

20 Facebook Examples and 5 Step Ad Guide

Creating The Ultimate Facebook Ad Strategy

Ads can be a great way to reach your desired customer base. Figuring out the best platform for you and crafting an ad that converts is challenging enough, especially if you’ve never tackled advertising. This guide will take you through all the different ad types and how you can create, monitor and optimize a successful ad to start getting results. Along with 20 awesome Facebook Ad Examples to start the brainstorming process.

20 Facebook Ad Examples

Step By Step Facebook Ad Approach & Templates

Included in the 20 Facebook Ad Examples and 5 step guide is a detailed process that will determine the best ad format, category, testing structure to identify success. As well as Facebook ad templates for each variation. With these you can quite literally see the questions / targeting that will change based on the recommended approach. Finally, you get access to over 20 Ad examples that we actually clicked. These are meant to get the creative juices flowing!

Facebook Ad Decision Matrix

Step by step Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Templates


Facebook Ad Examples

6 Facebook Ad Examples

Achieve a Sustainable Facebook Ad Strategy

How To Know Which Facebook Ad Type You Should Use

Which category of ad has the best chance of creating results for your business? It is extremely dependent on the goals, resources, and stage of funnel that your customers are in. Below are four examples of how you can categorize ads. Within the resource, you will get specific direction on how to apply these variations according to your organization.

Facebook ad type tradeoff


Giving something of value to the prospect in exchange for information such as; name, email, phone number

Facebook ad type promotional


Giving the prospect a discount or limited deal in exchange for sign up, meeting, and/or purchase

Facebook ad type general


Basic ad that directs people to your website and highlights your product/service 

Facebook ad type education


Teaching or introducing new information to your customer

Tactycs Facebook Ads Case Study

The Tactycs software provides direction for many different businesses in regards to running Facebook ads. We used our own software, direction, and testing process to create a return on ad spend of over three times (300% ROAS). For a business that has a long sales cycle, finding an effective ad strategy can be a goal you chase for years. 

We identified that we needed to create value in between the learning and purchase phase of our product. This meant that the ‘Tradeoff’ category made the most sense for our business. Beyond that, while we were in the early stages, the decision matrix recommended that we try multiple ad campaigns based on the various features of our product. This led us down the ‘split based on product’ path. We quickly learned which tradeoffs were the most appealing to customers as well as which were the easiest to convert afterwards. 

You may have even come in this exact path I’ve just described. If you saw the 20 Facebook Ad Examples ad, then visited this page for the download, then you can expect us to send even more free resources your way over the next 3-6 months, then finally following up with a custom message suited to what we know about you and your business. All focused around providing upfront value. 

We have multiple examples of customers that use the Tactycs software & services that have achieved the same positive return on ad spend that we rely on for scaling our business. If you want to get direct help on this or see other examples, we’re happy to provide a free introductory consultation on your current ad setup. Send us a message here and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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