automation of the 10 step content marketing strategy

Tactycs Automation of The 10 Step Content Marketing Strategy

Considering hiring a content strategist to improve your content strategy? Learn about Tactycs automation of the 10 step content marketing strategy before wasting resources.

You may be able to save yourself time and money while getting better results. Tactycs is an automated content marketing strategy tool that uses data to dictate the best when & where of an organization’s content. Designed to improve marketing success & efficiency. Below is the common ten step process to creating a content strategy.

Below is the step by step list that outlines the requirements of creating a content strategy along with where Tactycs automates the process:

  1. Set Content Marketing Objective – Automated
  2. Establish Key Performance Indicators – Automated
  3. Know Your Target Audience – Automated
  4. Assess Current Marketing Position
  5. Identify The Best Content Channels – Automated
  6. Select Content Types – Automated
  7. Identify and Allocate Resources – Automated
  8. Create a Content Calendar – Automated
  9. Create Content
  10. Distribute & Measure – Automated

This guide is tried and tested but is without a doubt time consuming. Even if your team is big enough to get through this list once, there is still a need to rinse and repeat.

Do you have the resources and expertise to stay on top of this?

If not, then it may be time to consider Tactycs automation of the 10 step content marketing strategy.

“Tactycs software covered 75% of the content marketing strategist position that we were looking to fill, at 10% of the cost”

Learn more about Tactycs here and find out whether a content marketing strategy software is for you