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The Blog Workflow: Guide To Create Blogs That Perform & 25 Blog Ideas

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. But if you want to be successful, you need to have a blog workflow for researching, writing, designing, and optimizing for search performance.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply create good content. You need an engaging and consistent approach that connects with your audience on every occasion. As a result, we’ve seen blogs become increasingly popular as part-and-parcel for effective marketing campaigns – especially those seeking success through inbound customer acquisition or retention! By having a proper process in place, you’ll be set up for success and ensure you’re providing value to your customers and prospects.

This blog workflow will guide you through the specific timeline of researching, writing, designing, optimizing for search engines, and supporting with link development. Just in case that wasn’t enough, it also includes a repository of 25 free blog ideas and questions you can ask yourself to think of even more. 

25 Blog Ideas

Proven Blog Workflow Timeline

There are many items required to create a successful blogs with high traffic. The Blog Workflow guide provides a step by step process that includes the keyword research, value focused writing, design/refinement, SEO, Measurement, and link development. Below is a quick sneak peak at some of the steps in the process. Download the full blog workflow for the full timeline.

  • Research Phase: Brainstorm

    Start off by brainstorming a list of ideas

  • Research Phase: Check Keywords

    Keyword research Based on your website stats and organic traffic

  • 14 Days Before: High Opp Blog

    Select the highest opportunity blog based on potential keyphrase traffic and value from you as a business/writer

  • 12 Days Before: Magnetic Title

    Based on your keyword research, create a strong and magnetic title for your blog

  • 10 Days Before: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 8 Days Before: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 6-4 Days Before: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 4 Days Before: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 3 Days Before: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 2 Days Before: On-Page SEO

    Set up on-page SEO for you blog; SEO title, meta description, alt tags, and headings

  • 1 Day Before: Create Social Posts

    Create 4 social media posts from said blog. 1) straight share, 2) visual highlight, 3) quote or stat, 4) Re-Share long after

  • 2 Days After: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 2 Weeks After: ?

    Download the resource to see the missing piece

  • 2 Months After: Purchase Backlinks

    If organic landing traffic is strong, consider purchasing or requesting a backlink from reputable sources

Getting Tired Of Creating Blogs That No One Reads?

How Do Blogs Influence The Rest Of Your Marketing?

Understanding how a blog can influence the other activities of your marketing can actually save you hours of time per month. A blog is often considered a ‘long form’ piece of content, which is another way of saying it takes effort, research, and measurement to make it valuable (all things the resource supports). If you know you’re putting a lot of time into a piece of content such as a blog then you need to ensure that you maximize your use from it. 

Blog: Industry Blog about selecting the best gear for a certain pain point
Social Post #1: First share of the blog post – direct title and image share
Social Post #2: Top #5 gear for 2022 – photo with all 5 mentioned in blog
Social Post #3: Key factors to consider when you are experiencing X pain point
Email Marketing: Blog highlight – Are you prepared for 2022 with the right gear? Check out our quick blog here

A single blog can provide all of the content required for the activities above. Writing something once and simply transforming into multiple use cases. Assuming you write a valuable blog, then each of these posts or email would be valuable as well.

Get the day to day direction on driving serious website traffic to your blogs. Managing 1 blog may be simple but when you need to create multiple per month, having a concise workflow is critical. 

How To Come Up With Amazing Blog Ideas

This blog workflow includes categories of blogs, the questions you can ask yourself to think of ideas within said category, as well as specific examples of companies writing within the category. Below are just two of the 6 types the resource breaks down:

blog workflow pain point blogs

Pain Point Blogs


  1. What are the top 3 pain points that your customers experience?
  2. What would your customer do while experiencing said pain point?


blog workflow resources blogs

Resource Blogs


  1. Are there any template, guides, how to’s, etc. that your customers frequently ask for?
  2. What are the things you provide direction on frequently? (ask your sales/customer team)


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